Kel Li Art Gallery


Our Chief Photographer – Kel Li is a multi-award winning wedding photographer. He has won over 40 ​international ​awards in the past 3 years and has been recognized by many prestigious wedding photography associations. ​

Always striving to surpass oneself, he focuses on expressing his inner world and evoke emotion in his works. He believes that photography is a reflection of a photographer’s inner world and aesthetic taste.

“An outstanding wedding photographer is not merely about mastering the perfect composition and lighting, it is about his own interpretation of the world and how he transcends these qualities into his creations.”

Seeing love and beauty in all people, he show​s​ couples the most beautiful ​sides​ of themselves that they ​have yet to find.

Kel fell in love with photography and started his career in 2011. Today he has preserved unforgettable memories and love stories for hundreds of couples. Occasionally, he takes on the role as an educator, sharing his success stories and philosophies on photography and the travels involved.



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