Frederic Blondeel Chocolatier


Frederic Blondeel chocolates are freshly handcrafted in Belgium every day and flown to Hong Kong by air. Our cacao beans are sourced from the best producers in Madagascar, Ghana, Tanzania, Venezuela, Peru, Costa Rica, Vietnam and west of South Asia, such as Java and New Guinea. As we strive for a genuine, natural taste in all our chocolates, the quality of other ingredients are also impeccable. We use finest varieties of hazelnuts from Piedmont, sea salt are from the coast of France, vanilla from Madagascar, coffee from Guatemala and so forth to create over 100 varieties of chocolates.

Frederic Blondeel's specialty is to roast cocoa beans to highlight the bean's unique flavor. When done correctly, good roasting procedures will highlight the intensity of Costa Rica beans, the scent of blackcurrant in Equador beans, the fruity flavors of red fruits in Madagascar beans. We create innovative and creative chocolates by combining different cacao origins with fruits, herbs and spices, such as chili, basil with strawberry, and black currant with cardamom. Asian ingredients are also infused to our chocolates such as green tea and Szechuan pepper. Enjoy the contrasts and balance in our chocolates made with carefully selected ingredients from all over the world for an ultimate chocolate experience!



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