Floristry by Art of Living


After almost a decade of mindfulness practices and experiences, while pursuing the floristry art, we believe in the healing power of the flower.

The concept behind the brand is to bring out the similarity between cycle of flowers, and life: living in the moment to its fullest (“Carpe Diem”), accepting whatever the situation brings (“Embrace Change”), and taking life as it is neutrally (“It is what it is”).

There is an order in nature, a cycle in the lifespan of flowers, just as it is in life: be in the moment, observing the changes and flow in life, as it is the only thing that is constant, and embracing life with an open-mind. When the flowers blossom, the colour and brightness adds a touch of energy to the surroundings; as time goes by, bright becomes yellow, dried leaves start to curl.

Whether it is blooming or dried up, there is beauty at every stage, and if you place the flowers into different vases according to your feelings and place them around the space, you will be able to enjoy the subtle changes and beauty of flowers throughout the cycle.

Inspired by wild, natural flowers and life cycles, Floristry by Art of Living offers a contemporary approach to the floral design concept.


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